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Hello all!

I know I have been pretty inactive here for quite a good while now, which was not my intention. I'm still around, and have not abandoned dA, nor do I plan to any time soon. Life can happen, and life has been very unkind to me for several years now. I had recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree earlier in 2012 which took up much of my time for the last few years. On top of the load I was dealing with something very personal and very difficult from late 2011 until late last year. I might be over said conflict now, but I just never know. And on top of this, some of you may know, I've been critically ill since August, and I've not been recovering, so my creativity has suffered as a result of a lot of emotional frustration, though not to say I haven't been drawing! However I won't get into such details here.

So, onto the topics of this journal now~

I have been asked quite a few times now if I take commissions, and in fact, I do! However, I'm currently working on one, with two other slots reserved, and after that I'm afraid I will have to close commissions, at least temporarily. I have started a very busy schedule this year, and until I at least have my time figured out, I will save the patient frustration of my customers who may have to wait a while for me to get my work done, on top of my illness, so it's just really not a good combo, but I'm thankful and honored for the commissions I've received, and I WILL get those done so don't worry! :) I'll also write up some commission guidelines and post those when I'm ready to receive more requests.

I have also gotten a tumblr, hmm, I don't even remember when now! I joined, posted a few things on the first day, and haven't been on since as I've been so darn busy/ill! But anyway, here's the address for those interested: Coro Tumblr

Here I hope to write updates on happenings, but as well as post commissions that I won't post here, and also works in progression for critiques and status updates, as well as just miscellaneous works. So be sure to check there for status updates, erm, hopefully weekly, maybe biweekly? I might be being hopeful myself! I'm new to tumblr and am still not quite sure how it all works quite yet, but I will try my hardest to at least inform those around me and not be such a sad hermit all of the time :aww:

Anyway, that's all I have until I can do the tumblr thing! Erm, sorry for the inactivity, t'was never my intention! But hopefully tumblr will help me make up for that. I do hope the lovely folk that still watch me are very happy and healthy. I think about my friends and all of you on here often. Please take care!


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megabluex Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
like your danny phantom artwork.
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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
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Hey sweetie, how have you been? :hug:
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Why.. why did I not watch you earlier.
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Wow, you're work is gorgeous @.@ *watches*
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